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MGF,RV8,MGB,Midget,1100,MGA owners gather and move into action as a one make club of MG.

There is this club as the center of activity in "Sapporo-shi of Hokkaido" and, however, can cooperate to a MG owner of all over Japan so that a member is in all parts of Japan.

MG Owners' Club of Sapporo,Japan is the club which put its heart and soul into amateurism for a MG owner.

No shop is related to the establishment of this club and administration.

This club has the third year by 2001 in this year since we formed it in 1998.

So-called vintage MG very many begins to appear by, mechanical malfunction for 20 years more since even newest MGB is produced last.

And, new MG - RV8 & MGF, acquisition becomes difficult accessories or a performance part.

At such situation lower part,
So that we will maintain a car pleasantly,
We do cooperation of a part supply from "wholesale dealer retail store in Japan and overseas (include The MGOC)" and repair.

We have a cooperating factory and shop.

In addition, we do touring and an ordinary assembly in order to deepen the friendship, and publication of a bulletin goes regularly.

This club is not limited to "a MG owner", and other Britain car owners can be active as a member, too.

The person who is interested in a race is registered at this club a lot.

This club has "MGRA" as the other organization, and which is a grass race does race activity.

20 peoples join this club currently currently in January, 2001.

We look forward to MG owners of Hokkaido (all over Japan).

Club office:

Secretary office :

    Akira Toudou
    MG owners' Club of Sapporo
    Salm-Takasago1st.room413, Kamiebetsu,
    Ebetsu-shi, Hokkaido,

    Email: please remove letter "_dummy",

Publicity office & Club House :

    MG owners' Club of Sapporo Club House
    Coffee beens shop"Katou",